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In accordance with Planning Policy PPS 25 (TAN 15 - Wales). In 2007 The UK flood statistics show that due to flooding five people died, 600 were injured, 3,500 people were rescued, 27,000 houses were flooded, 5,000 businesses were flooded, 858 schools were damaged. 


The Telegraph: 

A report published by the UK Climate Impact Programme states the estimated number of homes at risk of flooding is likely to double to 800,000 within 25 years because of rising sea levels. This study is the bleakest official assessment to date of the impact of climate change in Britain. 18 June 09. 

Flood Risk Management Research Consortium: 

In 2007, the Summer flooding of June and July caused more than £3.5 billion worth of damage and, for the UK alone, the total value of assets at risk from flooding now exceeds £238 billion. 

Services George Harwood offer: 

A Flood Risk Assessment is a requirement of ALL planning applications for major developments and developments proposed in areas at risk of flooding. It is also appropriate in reviewing the status of existing buildings and assets in general. 
GHL can undertake site specific Flood Risk Assessments, for all types of developments, in accordance with the requirements of current Planning Policy PPS 25, TAN 15 (Wales), "Development&Flood Risk". 
GHL provide a high level of service in producing assessments in optimum time scales depending on the complexity of the assessment and consultation required. 
Assessments are made to determine the flooding hazards that may affect the proposed development and also hazards that may increase flood risk elsewhere. Will the proposed development obstruct maintenance access to watercourses or affect the integrity of existing flood defences. 
An in depth flood risk assessment resulting in full compliance with planning guidance requires the assessment of flood levels (historical and future), local hydraulics, hydrology, flood defence structures, escape routes and evacuation, flood mitigation measures, local drainage capacity etc, which require significant experience and technical expertise. 
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