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A well considered solution for the discharge of unwanted water is a criteria often poorly considered during all stages of building design and generally omitted as a review item during both refurbishment and building acquisition. 
The legislative requirements for drainage provisions have become increasingly onerous due not only to both the intensity of land use and the demands on the existing public systems. Also because of the predicted changes to our environment and the perceived need to not only conserve water in times of drought but also limit discharge during flood. 

Services George Harwood offer: 

Successful drainage design demands a holistic approach in that it requires consideration not only to the requirements imposed by the user, but also the impact of the drainage systems on the local environment. We have considerable experience in the following: 
Surface Water Drainage Design 
Foul Water Drainage Design 
Grey/Recycled Water Drainage Design 
Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (S.U.D.S) Design 
Rainwater Harvesting and re-use 
Pumped Drainage Systems 
Liaison with Statutory Bodies to agree acceptable design solutions 
Survey&Assessment of existing drainage systems 
Remediation Design of existing drainage systems 
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